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A disexual is someone who is attracted to both men and women but considers the attracts distinct. Similar to a bisexual (disexuality can be considered a subset of bisexuality) A few disexuals are polyamorous and choose to date both a man and a women at the same time. Can be shortened to "di" although this is rarely used.
Person 1: So you do you like girls more, or guys?
disexual: I don't even know how to compare, they're completely different!

Girl: At first I was attracted to boys, then I thought I was straight, then I was attracted to girls, so I thought I was gay. Then I realized I was attracted to both, but the attraction felt so different I figured I had to be gay or straight, not bi. Then I found out what a disexual was, so now I identify as that.
by artistrona March 13, 2010
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The edgier version of Bisexual or the act of being attracted to both genders
Bi = 2
Di = 2
Person: What is a Disexual? (Me: It's the edgy version of bisexual (Person: Stop trying to be edgy you little bag of wank!
by JKwannabe October 29, 2017
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the act of having sexual intercourse with your hands. almost like fingering but different. you put your other hand in your anal hole.
Did you see Jenny last night? She is defiantly a disexual!
by Michael Nearon June 16, 2008
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