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Noun. (dis-kover-ga-num) The inaudible rebuttle of an answering machine, or person, trying to identify a caller. i.e. "...Call from discovergainem".

2. The name of an unkown source. When asked about someone you dont know you must reply, "I just saw discoverganem", quickly, softly, and inaudibly.
3. The inability to say things correctly.
4. Can be used to discribe an object.

Verb. discovergan- Too busy to deal with anything else
Noun form:
Answering machine: You have a call from dis-cover-ganem.

Person 1: Iam not sure who that is. Would you get it?
Person 2: Er, Iam actually bussy with this discoverganem...

Works best when using a DVD player.

Verb form: "...I can't. Iam too busy discovergaing this discoverganem."
by Suit Toe Nim April 19, 2011
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