Goddess like being, very rare to find. Has a sexy body with a scrumptious booty. No boy will ever reach Disara’s standards.
Am I in heaven? No it is because you saw Disara.
Did you see that 7 course meal? You mean Disara.
I wanna be Disara. (Life isn’t fair)
by Me.Mobydickson October 11, 2018
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A girl who orgasms a lot, even without sex, amazing hair tho and the most wifey person you will meet, she gets bullied by crackheads too , as they are of a higher intellect to her.
-That girl was just about to fall of a cliff, she’s such a H Disara!
-Why’s she dressing so provocative WHILST having a bf, such a H Disara!
-I want to marry somebody, ideally a H Disara.
by Fk04 July 11, 2021
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