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when you put a whole bottle of lotion in your sock and start jacking off. when your about to cum you pull of the sock in a special way to make it inside out, wipe the remaining lotion from youre penis. then get a bucket of ice and stick youre dick in it. afterwards analfuck youre wrinkly old grandma till you cum on her dentures. wait an hour till you get a boner and tease a snapping turtle with it. then grab the little snapping turtle and shove youre dick into its little butthole and FUCK BOY FUCK. then when you cum the turtle shouldnt be able to stand the rushing cum and he will explode all over your dick with a spermy, bloody, turtley mess
aw fuck yeah i had the best dirtyturtlesockfucker yesterday
by motherfuckingrabbit March 25, 2011
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