Originated at Omaha North High School Class of '09
Once upon a time, there was this very dark (almost crispy black) indian (india) that went to school. Apparently this indian thought she was more attractive and overall better than the other indians (3 other critical and important indians to the schools history). Little did she know, she was the ugliest dirtiest south indian anyone had laid eyes on and even worse her personality was equivalent to spongebob on coke.
DSI is short for dirty south indian
Fresh: ughh... who is that hoodrat?
Scooter: man who cares
Fresh: she's a disaster anyway
Scooter: i heard horror stories she lives next to shmolderin
Fresh: oh god, she's a dsi
Scooter: damn dude... a dirty south indian?

dude put your legit ray-bans on, hopefully you can filter her out.
Fresh: yeah, she's a disaster.
by fresh 83 June 30, 2010
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