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1. To leave a mark of a dirty ass on furniture while having sex.
2. Act of leaving a shit moustache and beard on a partner's face by taking your cock out of her ass and putting it in her mouth without wiping it off first. The result is that as the dick is thrust between the lips, shit is scraped off and comes to rest all araound her mouth in a moustache and beard configuration. (kinda like a Dirty Sanchez but with the beard included)

3. Act of sucking someones dirty ass. when that someone removes his face of the ass the result is again a moustache and beard configuration of shit.
1. She didn't wiped her ass properly and left a Dirty Vazquez on the couch.

2. I fucked that bitch in the ass and then gave her a Dirty Vazquez.

3. Chuck was giving Jeny A Black Kiss and got a Dirty Vazquez.

by JJ Masterson January 21, 2008
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