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a chicano colloquium referring to a worldly gentleman familiar with the ritual aspects of his cultural habitat.
My homie joe just ate that 5 day old pizza, that's a dirty vato.
by Los Ojos De Muerte May 20, 2009
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A hispanic individual with no regard for the others surrounding them. One who doesn't bother to clean themselves up and has the consistent need to "beef" and do drugs all of this relating in some way to each other. Can always be recognized by their all talk no action attitudes , triffling nature and diminished characters. A youngin who believes that by acting pompous and macho that he will be considered a man. These vatos either end up dead, deadbeat, in jail or still living the latin dream! Selling drugs, doing drugs and dealing with underaged girls.
Those dirty vatos front about everything, they ain't about shit.
by Romera January 16, 2007
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