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When you are fucking a girl, and when you pull out you realize the condom broke.
Last night with Bri was great, it was certainly better than when I was with dirty savannah last week.
by A A RON September 06, 2014
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When a girl is giving oral pleasure and the man cums in here mouth while she vomits
After a long night drinking a woman must dirty savannah.
by Dirty savannah lover April 22, 2018
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When you fuck a girl that's on her period in the ass after taco and tequila night, because all Savannah's love tacos and tequila! Violently fuck her ass so that it is nice and covered in shit, ram it in her pussy so it gets incredibly bloody, then you flip her over and shove it in her mouth. Just as you're about to cum shove her head down so the shit, blood and cum flies out of her nose in a nice Neapolitan Ice Cream looking concoction. (A wonderful alternative to the white/red dragon).
I went out with Kelly last night! She shouldnt have asked for tacos and tequila, because I left her looking like a Dirty Savannah.
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by Stanky247 May 17, 2019
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