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What Blaine said to Kurt in episode 4x21 of Glee after the first time they see each other after hooking up after breaking up.
''Btw you look cute today''
''And i mean like Dirty Cute''
by annoyedasian May 26, 2018
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A fashion trend created by Devin Millar in 2018. Music plays a VERY important role in the fashion trend.

Boys and girls have the same hair styles and is not restricted to gender or any kind of gender identity.

Mainly it’s about these specific hairstyles which is really what this the trend focuses on:

Long hair with bangs
Neck length hair with bangs
Long top ponytail with bangs
Hair in a large bun with bangs
Straight hair with bangs
Really long curly hair with straight bangs

Sometimes you can have either a headband or tie or bow or piercings or shirt that could be gender fluid. Such as a shirt with a collar.

Mostly it’s all a about the hair, it’s all about having really long and flat, straight hair with straight bangs every time.

It’s kind of more about not restricting gender-specific hair styles to gender. Or at least continuing to encourage having gender fluid-ness in the hairstyles.

Everyone is creative and does something creative and new and everyone ALWAYS has something to do.

The music that's involved with the scene is EDM but really fast paced hardcore techno along with Hard house, Electro house, Progressive house, and Dubstep.
Guy 1: I just grew my hair out man. I have bangs now.
Girlfriend: I do too!
Guy 2: You two look great bro.
Guy 1: It's dirty cute man. It's the new thing.
by JOHNCARESS4 August 10, 2018
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