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A thin layer of facial hair on the upper lip that looks like dirt was smeared over the persons face.
Look at AJs dirtstache, did he dive into a pile of shit?
by omgwtfywontudie (bill) October 22, 2007
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(n) A five o'clock shadow above the upper lip that looks like a line of dirt, rather than a moustache. Usually seen on greasy adolescent boys. Not uncommon in women.
Joe shaved and shaved his upper lip so he could fit in and have a moustache like Pedro. Well indeed Joe was not as hairy as Pedro, and developed only a dirt stache instead.
by gafhater August 13, 2004
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n. A layer of dirt on the upper lip and nose from riding dirt bikes/ATVs in a dusty region, particularly where the helmet does not cover the face.
I was riding behind you for miles, all that dust gave me the worst dirtstache!
by Milee B. June 01, 2013
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dirt-stache (n)
A "mustache" that looks like dirt above one's lip.
Oh my gosh, look at this dude. He has a dirt-stache. What a loser!
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by 79xx April 26, 2017
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