Same thing as bruh moment. But for people with a very much more enhanced intellect than those of bruhs that say bruh moment. This phrase is used when something of importance good or bad happens and you can say "that was a dipole moment," usually followed by the popular phrase "Its chill" popularized by the very famous and respected philosopher Ivan the car washer.
"My friend Ricky said he was going to go to dinner with me, he stood me up because he wanted to grind fortnite. When I was waiting at wendys for him cause we were gonna get a four for four and he didn't show I was like "this is a dipole moment, but its chill" so I went home and clapped his cheeks in creative. "
by Bruh moment 4 life September 27, 2019
when you don’t pay attention in chem class you are experiencing a dipole moment
by shoomaloo October 4, 2021