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"Dinosaur eyes take in a wider view, bending in at the edges like a glass globe filled with water. Nothing is gray or drab or dull; rather they see swimming particles of color, a moving mosaic of dancing colored specks. As we would see a starscape in the night sky, they see a sparkling "lifescape" in the woods by day, a world teeming with life.

Some humans see with dinosaur vision, Bix explained: artists, poets, and children. But for the rest of us, as we grow older, the mammalian part of the brain clouds over the reptilian part, and drains away a little glory of the world." --James Gurney, "Dinotopia"
Rose lenses or dinosaur vision, I tell you life is still glorious. Or at least, I want to believe that it is. Give me screwdriver so that I might fix these damned glasses!
by David Mitchell June 13, 2004
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