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1. An idiot a smart ass.
2. Often disguised as a decent guy, with a what wacked out hair do.
3. A guy who runs the dreams and often ruins the lives of many women around him.
4.Dinkel suggest connections to tinkle/urinate. Puss suggest kitten, or female body part (see pussy).

5. To piss unto pussy (female body part).

6. To piss unto puss (a festering wound)
7. To piss unto puss (a cat or feline)
8. The piss or tinkle out of or through a pussy. Either caused naturally or by a physical. deformity.
When dinkelpuss walked in this morning all the women went swanning their knees.

Look at that dinkelpuss, he has the craziest hair do!

He's such a dinkelpuss, last week he almost drowned my cat.

During love making I lost control of my bladder. I feel like such a dinkelpuss.

When in the jungle with not other medical equipment dinkelpuss is a good technique for disinfection!
by ShineyMeizer September 13, 2014
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