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1)A small pebble one acquires on the road along the coast of Dingle, Ireland. The descendants of this region are partial to placing them on the mantle as a nostalgic gesture.
2)The final phase of transformation of the dingleberry, the melding of Toilet paper and fecal matter which ensares itself in orbit around the sphinctoid.
1)My Uncle Seamus mistakenly placed his own dingleberries on the mantel alongside his snott balls and toe jam until they hardened to dinglestones. He had never been to Ireland so had never seen that the stones in Dingle were more of a greyish tone than his brown progeny.
2)She had produced a sharp dinglestone which caused a stabbing pain on her inner ass cheek., but others complimented on her sexy new style of walk. She was torn about removing the little fella, whom she had affectionately dubbed O'Heinehy.
by Pantaloon January 07, 2008
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