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Occurs before or during douching, the act of finding dingleberries stuck to your douche during the douching process.
That bitch left her dingledouche on the fuckin toilet seat again!!!
by xXMustardManXx January 31, 2008
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Combination of dingleberry and douchebag. Used to describe someone who is incredibly 1.) ignorant 2.) annoying 3.) stupid to the degree of deserving death by mutilation.

A dingle douche fucks up everything he touches and can do nothing correctly. Those around him wonder how he even knows to wipe his own anus hole after shitting.
"John is such a dingle douche, he can't find his own dick with a GPS"
by Wicked665 July 22, 2006
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a lying, self center, moronic, self absorbed, holier then thou, lazy, cock sucking, egotistical, narcissistic asshole.
man he is being a huge dingle douche
by norwegianwarlord January 14, 2011
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Similar to a dingle berry, a dingle douche is when vaginal discharge is not wiped properly, resulting in dingle douches. A dingle douche can be used as a noun only. This word can be used to describe someone who is very annoying and/or disrespectful.
One day, a grandmother walked into my store, asking if we sold anything to help her with her pain near her vagina. I recommended her to buy something to treat her possible dingle douches.
by magic32player August 18, 2009
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