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Someone that lacks so much intelligence that they do not realize how ridiculously they are behaving. A straight up moron. An imbecile.
"Remember when John drank all those beers last night and started harassing Katie?"

"Yeah, he was acting like a complete dillwad."
by svensson doitzelkaiser November 04, 2014
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Akin to dillweed but more derogatory sounding. A dolt moron dwanker wank wanker spaz idiot moron senseless
Joey: "Scott, I put all the papers on your desk into that little box by your filing cabinet, I hope I didn't disturb anything important?"

Scott: "Oh, no Joey you didn't disturb anything, you fucking DESTROYED EVERYTHING; you put my entire 700 page unpublished novel draft into the shredder you fucking dillwad!!!!"
by psiscott April 08, 2006
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