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word to describe the hotness of a lady and her vaginal capabilities. origianlly sorced from the film 'Gorillas In The Mist' where sigourney weaver makes friends with a gorilla and calls it Digit or Dig! we presumed she just wanted his big fingers! when using the word it is accompanied by a hand movement akin to shooting a gun but instead making the sound of a fanny fart.
"hey jack, did you see the girl walking into church?"
"yeah man, that was sister mary constantine"
"bet she's a good dijj"
"man you are sick...but yeah, i'd totally dijj her"

they both make the hand motion and say pffft back and forth for ten minutes

"ahh,good stuff, come on or we'll miss communion"

by Patrick Mc Kiernan April 05, 2008
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