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An individual who believes in dignity as the most important factor in terms of policy or moral decisions, emphasizing that such decisions are purely personal and that government shouldn't infringe on the rights of partakers as it's up to their conscience to make any conclusions.

However, this may not accurately reflect a person's thoughts on economic policy as various arguments can be made in support for more government control or limited governance when it comes to economic policy as a method in which positive changes in society can occur.
Socialist Dignitarian (SD): "I'm a dignitarian so I support the legalization of same-sex marriage, the use of medical marijuana, and abortion rights because I believe that government shouldn't infringe on individual's rights just because of any reservations by specific religious groups."

Capitalist Dignitarian (CD): "I agree with you on that, but how about government's power on our economic affairs?"

SD: "On that, I think that to heal the ills of our society, government needs to be more direct and make sure that business complies, possibly even making sure that social change happens."

CD: "But don't you think that if we demand businesses to adopt positive policies, that social change can work? Also, government can't necessarily control everything that happens in the economy, things like consumer confidence and even the rest of the global economy matters."

SD: "While I see your point, I still have my reservations."

CD: "Why don't we just agree to disagree?"

SD: "Agreed!"
by CftxP October 23, 2013
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