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v. to talk to someone else when on the phone with someone. It may be talking to anyone in general such as chat, talking to another person, or texting someone else, as long as its still ignoring you. This often gets annoying because girls whom gossip a lot just cannot control their gossiping and must talk to more than 1 person to look cool or whatnot.

Derived from "di" meaning "two". Chemistry and other things use this prefix. It is combined with talk meaning talking two talks, but some talk to more than 2 people, but the same term is used even if you're talking than one person even on the phone. the "e" at the end of "die" represents how badly you die because you're talking to a phaggozorf who talks to other people when on the phone with them.
PaNDaR: *calls Nicole*
Nicole: UHM NO TELL HER TO DO IT, hello?
PaNDaR: uh hi.

Nicole: heather talk to panda
PaNDaR: (wow wtf they like switching off and crap?)
Heather: hello? wait hold on, HAHAHA WAIT DARREN CAN YOU COME BACK, DUDE I LOVE YOU SO MUCH DARREN CAN YOU JUST LIKE COME SO I CAN LIKE BE A DICK AND NOT TALK TO PANDA <----she didnt really say this but im giving an example
PaNDaR: *hangs up*
PaNDaR: *calls adreannie*
Adreawong: hello, panda?
PaNDaR: YOOOO waddup!
Adreawong: uh chupoo dan
Adreawong: no not you panda
PaNDaR: WTF MAN, DO YOU HAVE TO TALK TO MORE THAN 2 PPL AND LIKE WOW, time to make dietalk on urbandictionary.
Adreawong: HAHAHA okay mommy lets go to the store <---STILL DOES IT

...girls confuse me way too much...
by pandaboyx November 10, 2009
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