Diesel Boys are chauchies who wear the Diesel brand of clothing. These guys think that they are bad-ass in their $100 t-shirts and jeans that look like they came from the girls' rack. You can often spot Diesel Boys dressed in everything Diesel from a toquw or hat to a wrinkled shirt (it's supposed to look like that) with fake spray paint all over it, to jeans that you swear you've seen your sister wearing, to the shoes. You will often see Diesel Boys in their natural habitats of clubs. They usually travel in packs attempting to pick up chicks with too much make up. See also ass pirate
Diesel Boy: "Hey watch it these jeans cost $150!"
Normal Person: "Fuck off Diesel Boy!"

"Whoa that guy dresses like a homosexual!"
"No that's just a Diesel Boy."
by The Dude February 04, 2005
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