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a term that can be substituted for a number of words in order to add hilarity and to mollify whatcha gotta say
Give that bitch the diddywop.

Wow she diddywopped like no other.

Yo shawty was all up on me so I figuhed I'd diddywop and split nomtombout?
by L_Hol July 04, 2011
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A term used when there is no action describing what you are going to do to someone.
I'm about to diddywop this Matt kid.
by Yah boy Chrisp August 14, 2011
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To badly hurt someone by surprise.

A term used in the Mafia days for beating up an individual deserving of a lesson.

A term used to strike fear, pain, and sense into the subject victim.
"They paid the kid $100 to diddywop that guy, who beat his old lady, in that alley."

"I'm hanging up (the phone), I'm coming over there, and imma diddywop your ass!"
by VRPlanesWalker April 13, 2019
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