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Despite the naughty-sounding name, a diddle stick is actually just a small non-conductive screwdriver-like tool for making fine adjustments to components inside a variety of electronic devices.

Yes, it's supposed to be small.

Diddle stick may be hyphenated (diddle-stick) or combined to form one word (diddlestick).
Engineer 1: Crap! I got my diddle stick wedged inside the gonkulator housing again!
Marketing Drone: What were you doing with... never mind; I don't want to know.
Executroid: Ewww! I'm never touching the gonkulator again!
Engineer 2: Hee! They have no idea what a diddle stick is, do they...
by drox June 07, 2007
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by Mango and Pineapple June 13, 2017
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