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1. n. one who puts stupid ass definitions on about people they know personally from their school.

Listen up, kiddies: its not cool - and it never will be - to write about how (hot, athletic, sexy, ugly, stupid, mean) you think (name) from (location) is.

Your pal won't think you're much cooler, you're enemy will only laugh at you more because of your pathetic cyber-nerd venting methods and your date won't think your confession of true love on the internet is original. In fact, they'll probably think you're an assclown.
1. That person who wrote the definition inspiring this post was a dictionary polluter.

2. This site used to be funny years ago when it poked fun of a lot of things, but now its clogged up with teenie bop bullshit and is losing its entertainment value. Stupid dictionary polluters.
by Roger Clemens November 29, 2004
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