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A bloodsport where two men are stripped nude and their penises are tied tightly together with wire or twine, their hands are tied behind their backs and they each are allowed a razor blade that is to be clenched between the teeth. On the count of three the men savagely tear at one another with the blades while thrashing their hips to cause as much pain as possible to their adversary. The survivor wins but there is not always one.
There was only one cookie left so the roommates settled the dispute with a game of dick-blade.
by The inventor of dick-blade March 30, 2011
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An outstanding, antisocial prick or conniving, delusional dickrag/douchebag/shithead who tends to think himself cunning in the scathing statements he makes and in the absolutely egregious prickery of his repulsive and reprehensible behavior.

A real prickbag/prickfuck. A snotfuck. Somone who's face you just want to bash in hard. Typically worthless, clueless, judgemental and deserving of death. So much so that you have to create an entirely new insult to call him a dickblade. An asswipe-mother-fucker. It is pointless to attempt talking to a dickblade. A borderline scumfuck. A fucking dildo. May be secretly anatomically impaired.

A heavy gun insult, spurred into creation by such a prick that only an insult as crude, harshly offensive and shocking as a fucking dickblade would qualify as an of offense against such an asshat.

This is the true definition of dickblade.
"Man, what a fucking DICKBLADE. That prick-fuck just won't LEARN, will he?"

"What a fucking pukestain. He's just a god damn dickblade."

"Listen up, fuckpalm. I don't understand why you have to be such a remarkable prickhole fucker all the time. Why are you such a dickblade?"
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