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The one who performs circumcisions on babys when they are born.
Wife: I'm glad our son is getting circumcised.

Husband: I just hope that the dick ripper goes easy on that little guy, he is tender!
by tittyfuck69 April 20, 2009
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In Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Mr. Wongburger's minions that do the dick ripping dirty work for the construction of his dickship. Also used to describe somebody in an extremely negative manner.
"The dickrippers are looking for Carl."
"You god damned dirty dickripper! You spilt bong water all over my new carpet!"
by Whirlybird December 21, 2007
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A doctor defileing a male patient by inserting a scalpel in the hole of the penis and pushing up to the base of the penis then it's put into the most visible bottom layer of skin and cut so a finger may be inserted a the skin then torn off with the doctors bear hands.
I hope you get Dickripper from the hospital
by Channman February 28, 2017
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