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1.) A reference to the poor quality of something, usually a service or action, but can also be used as an adjective. Often used when peeved or angered.

2.) An economic condition where a person is too poor to buy even basic necessities. A person that is dick poor may resort to taking home extra ketchup packets, napkins, and salt and pepper from restaurants, and usually does not have adequate medical insurance coverage or own a car manufactured within the last 15 years.
1) I knew that guy sucked at painting when I hired him, but I was hoping he could at least paint the fence right. You still can see all the marks that were there before through the paint- that's a dick poor paint job by a dick poor painter.

2) I remember being dick poor back in college, drankin' half drank beers at parties and eatin' poor man's ramen (half a package of ramen) two meals a day.

by +bone March 27, 2008
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