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A strong and independent woman whom expressed herself often. She can sometimes be pessimistic and depressed but she will do whatever it takes to make herself happy. This is the name of a girl who's considered as the intelligent and exotic one. She's a very understanding person and she's also intellectual.
Boy 1: Hey man,heard you got a new hot girlfriend"
Boy 2: Yeah,she's a total Diala!
Boy1: She must be a good one!
by CannibalsForBreakfast November 17, 2013
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Diala is an extremely independent woman, who you are lucky to have in your life. She's outgoing, flirty, and hilarious. Diala's are rare human beings. They are constantly happy and always laughing. Very passionate about her future and extremely down to earth!! She is the girl everyone looks for. One of a kind woman that no one compares to! She's really hot too ;)
Boy: "Wow man you got a Diala! Damn I wish I had one!"
by SMARTCOOKIE99 May 31, 2017
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