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a extremely dangerous and very active street gang that control the streets of anaheim. numbers are unknown but local and federal law enforcement estimate that they have at least 200 active and extremely loyal members. they are known to live by the phrase DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR. the gang was started late 80s early 90s first starting as a tagging crew. in 1992 the once tagging crew turned gang was so active that the anaheim police department launched a full investigation and sting into the gang. in early 1993 they had to stop the operation after the suspected gang leader reportedly pulled out a handgun from his pocket in a threatening fashion and told undercover police officer mike lynch to leave his hood and dont ever return. APD said the gang was obviously informed of the sting on the gang. two days later numerous ADH13 gang members were arrested during early morning raids. but this did not stop the gang they got stronger more violent and soon started being known for numerous shootings murders, kidnappings, attempted murders, large scale drug sales.these gang members have extremely good skills using firearms they are like a swat team of gang members
devious hoodlums
anaheim devious hoodlums

adhg perdido st.

perdido street
adh13 dead ends
the dead ends

anaheim devious hoodlums, perdido street and the dead ends
by gang master mind July 21, 2011
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