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Hotter than any other thing
Big B. (man it must be 100 degrees outside today)
Chris (yeah its hotter than the Devils Taint)
by cak 420 February 24, 2010
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An all girl indie metal band originating from Toronto Canada. Lead singer Seneca James was said to get her dark lyrics from a demon spirit who allegedly molested her as a child. Other members of the group include Cassandra Black on drums, Celeste King lead guitar, and Angela Heart on base. They are generally known to be awesome, disturbing and intensely mind stimulating, fans find that their concerts are quiet possible the best experience one can hope to have in a life time. They are often known for performing topless, and engaging in lude sexual acts between songs. They are also well known for touring with Kitten Aids the underground japanese all girl metalcore band.
Wil : "Hey man did you see Devil's Taint last night they were so freaking amazing, the concert was so great i had a hard on the whole time."

Brandon: "Wowza were they really, im so mad i missed them. Their music totally pulled me out of my depression."

"Steven: "Fellers Fellers, oohhhh boy i just got a gram of coke at a Devil's taint concert."
by Deadnight82 April 04, 2010
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