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A smart ass who is a dick whole. This type of girl is boy crazy and NOT someone you want to be friends with. She wants to suck dick so bad that when you actually go in a date she will strip you of your clothes in the parking lot, steal valuables, then suck dick. She is a fucking whore and a borderline hoe. A devenn deserves no one except maybe a Chad.
Did you see Devenn fucking that guy

Yea she was really going at his dick hard
Yea I feel bad for that guy he must be in a lot of pain

I would NOT want to be him.
by Joey 122 May 14, 2018
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Bomb chick. Smart funny and full of amazing talents. Unlike a joey. Fuck joeys are way bellow even the Craig's.
Wow you look so Devenn today!
by Starlight17 June 07, 2018
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