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acronym for Deviate Bourgeois Bohemian.

Usually found in clusters around small australian coastal cafe's bragging to each other of their prowess in hacking porn site passwords. Easily distinguishable from normal people due to several factors.

1/ Greyish loose skin folds which hangs from what once were triceps called 'bat wings' caused from having no social contact with society but rather a computer monitor & a football sock.

2/ Loose tracksuit pants for time saving....and only one football sock on.

3/ A safe test to see if you have the genuine article at the table beside you is to wait until they all have their heads in their laptops & say out aloud "hey i found that police photo of Hugh Grant & Divine Brown in the BMW". All devbobo's in the immediate area will begin to do a slow motion ET action with their necks to see whom has the photo.
"Hey...check out the tracky dacks on the devbobo at the next table"

"With a set of bat wings like that, he must be a devbobo"
by gus101 October 26, 2007
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