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(The American spelling is devangelize.)

verb (used with object)
1. To attempt to spread Christianity (Evangelical or otherwise) so poorly that it has the opposite effect to what is intended.
2. To cause, or attempt to cause, someone to leave the Christian faith.

verb (used without object)
3. To lose interest in the Christian faith.

Etymology: de- (a prefix indicating privation, removal, separation, negation, etc.) + evangelise (to preach the gospel to someone, or otherwise convert someone to Christianity).

Some forms include: devangelised, devangelising, devangelism/devangelisation, devangeliser/devangelist, undevangelised
1. Brady, once a devout Catholic, was devangelised when he read the news about a Cardinal being tried for multiple counts of sexual assault.
2. Katy tried to devangelise her parents before she would introduce her girlfriend to them.
3. Some of the members of this atheism gathering were born in a secular household, and others are devangelised.
by otaku sempai kun June 29, 2017
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