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the clever art of expostulating deviant ideas and justifying deviant behavior unto an individual's uncorrupted mind, gradually corrupting that mind to an extent that is deleterious to previously held notions of right and wrong with regard to certain behavioral deviances, and advantageous in the pursuit of penetrating previously impentetrable orifices. Such orifices, having once been established, are thereafter utilized and developed, eventually becoming a common area for the accomodation of public traffic, and a commemorative plaque is awarded in honor of your achievement.
"Dude why hasn't he penetrated that gap yet it must be so velvety and fertile!"

"I know it, but the lady of the realm is still undergoing the enlightenment of the devaiansse period. It shouldn't be much longer until she sees the light."

"I hope so because there is obviously much common good in her and a potential to benefit all mankind!"
by Cz hole May 16, 2008
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