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means to be devastated, used in a sarcastic way

Comes from the words "devastated" and "berries". the reason the word "berries": is used is because it is a cool word and sounds good tacked onto the end of any word. so use it.
devastated is shortened to "devo"
which is shortened to "dev"
you add the ' berries' on the end and you get
shorten it further to "dev-bez"
you can even shorten it further to "dez"

"Hey i deleted that text u sent me"
"Oh, im sooooo dev-bez"

for the berries example:
"hey slutberry, whats up"
"slutbez, ive missed you"

another is

"hey, thats sickberries"
"pretty kickassbez"
by tt_99 April 07, 2009
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