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The act of doing a fly by at the nearest shitting hole. This is usually an office formality to ensure that the shitting stalls are safe to use, and free from the interoffice bathroom chatters and fuckwits. In some cases, an announcement among friends is done to either warn of inadequate shit conditions or to call an "all clear" for ass slams.
Thank god Juan just went on deuce patrol . I am crowning and that fucker Mark has been hanging out in the bathroom eating pistachios all fucking afternoon. I just want to shit in peace!
by DarthAss March 31, 2017
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Unauthorized pooping in or on multiple properties, inside or outside, as a prank.
Tommy got wasted and went on deuce patrol over in Winding Waters. He boat ramped the Withertons, then he broke in Smythes and upper deckered the master bath, and still managed to light a flaming bag of shit on old man Rome's front porch before he passed out.
by joshtrel99 October 01, 2014
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