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A modern death metal band that emerged in the early 2000's to nowadays(as of 2017) that follows in similar footsteps like it's predecessors such as Death, Morbid Angel, and Immolation, except in a much darker, grim atmosphere. They produced five albums with a particularly memorable one from 2010. The lyrics as self-evident by it's title relate to Diabolism, Anti-Christianity, blasphemy, and misanthropy. It's basically much like Immolation but with more flavor, less bland. The first debut album is shown to be from 2001.
Metalhead 1: "What was that third sick ass death metal band in that line up last night?" Metalhead: " For real? Dude it's Destroying Divinity, where have you been considering your almost like an encyclopedia for especially the harder side of metal!?"
by Jay Leo February 14, 2017
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