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A stupid rule that was implemented 40 years ago because the majority of AL teams, although some having some success in the post season, were struggling financially, and thought that by taking away the "weakest hitter" in the lineup and replacing him with some douche bag that cant field a ball but can swing a bat, would increase their ratings.

Although while chicks dig the long ball and everything, most NL fans (like myself) and some AL fans, think the DH should be abolished and the same 9 players on the field should be the same 9 players in the on the lineup card.
Douche - Hey bro you wanna watch the Angels and Mariners game?

Me - No thanks, Im a real baseball fan, Im going to watch the Dodgers and Cubs, or Cards and Mets, Or Giants and Marlins, or Pads and Rox, or any other NL game even if their record is shit, cuz they don't use a pussy Designated Hitter.

Douche - oh ok, I'll go back to my shitty AL game and keep being a douche then.

Me - you do that
by Danny boy in LA June 27, 2009
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someone who masturbates while watching two men have sex with each other
"Brock and Mike were having sex and they wanted me to join in, but I was only comfortable being a designated hitter."
by matty fantastic August 24, 2005
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