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Derrison is the phenomena whereby the neural activities of the human body are damaged by electromagnetic waves or electromagnetic radiation (EMR) at microwave frequencies. A controversial term, as it refers to thousands of valid scientific studies that telecommunications industry refuses to acknowledge as valid, due to their weighing of economic harm as more important than biological harm. Microwave emissions can disrupt the blood brain barrier, cause calcium efflux from the neurones, alter neurotransmitter functions and disrupt DNA, leading to double strand breakages.

Etymology: "Derangement" + "Garrison"; being the disruption or damage of the defences "garrison" of the brain and central nervous system more generally.
Wordsmith and reporter Serene Branson coined the term "Derrison" at a live 2011 Grammys presentation, illustrating how lobe patterns from mobile television antennas operating at microwave frequencies can disrupt the top-down verbal processing segments of brain function.
by Hans Offmabrain April 29, 2011
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