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When two or more people argue over who has a worse life. Most commonly used by 12-14 year olds in an attempt to make one person feel better, but usually ends up in fierce and unnecessary arguing.
12 year old: I'm so sad, my boyfriend broke up with me.
Other 12 year old: At least you're not me, I got cheated on.
12 year old: Yeah but he slept with me, and yesterday my dad lost his job.
Other 12 year old: Jesus Christ, I have it worse, I got my power shut off yesterday and we're going to lose our house.
12 year old: This isn't the Depression Olympics, I obviously have it worse.
Other 12 year old: No! I do! You should be happy that you aren't me!
{Keeps Escalating}
by Taiga Rose September 10, 2014
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