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An often repeated theatrical routine performed by certain types of hipsters, which is consciously and meticulously rehearsed in advance. While everyone experiences depression, and experiences it in different ways, hipsters often seek to externalize their negative emotions in a manner designed to give the impression that they are more complicated and interesting than the everyday, garden variety hipster. Recurring themes include: sprinkling conversation with Keats references, wearing tight-fitting and threadbare Joy Division t-shirts, and getting inebriated on expensive cognacs every single night of the week. As with all hipster routines, the ‘depressed, complicated hipster act’ is nothing more than a tiresome fashion aesthetic, as well as a pretentious, stilted attempt at projecting a unique persona.
Normal dude #1: Should we call Simon and see if he wants to grab a burger and a few beers?

Normal dude #2: Actually, Simon doesn’t eat anymore—it’s his latest thing. And, no, don’t call him. I’m getting tired of his depressed, complicated hipster act. We can’t afford to drink in his bars, anyway.
by Morrish Windshor May 07, 2011
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