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a disease that predominantly affects people ages 18 onward who often frequent bars and make up stories in a false sense of grandeur to not be overshadowed by his friends and peers. people who suffer from delusional faggot syndrome (D.F.S.) often exhibit primitive behavior, such as recycling uninteresting stories, false claims of wealth, drastically lying about the weight of his sexual partner or just generally being a insecure doucher. although many scientists are debating it's origins, many believe people are born with, thus making it untreatable.
man 1: "damn tommy's delusional faggot syndrome is really getting out of hand, man"
man 2: "yeah he thinks his new camry is a ferrari."

gary says he is a professor at the bar when he gets a few drinks in him, but he's actually a 2nd grade teacher.
by deez_nuts November 06, 2013
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