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Also known as the T-9000. An imlay city, Michigan supercop designed for power,speed,and ass kicking action. usually seen lurking around the middle school intimidating younger males by wearing 3 inch healed black combat boots and using suggestive motioning with his hands toward the glock in his holster. deluca (or delucus as his roman warrior name) has the ability to run at speeds of over 45 mph and has a junior black belt in over 30 types of martial arts. His current kill count is somewhere around 22 crackheads, 51 gangbangers, 100+ elementary school students and 12 hispanic americans. as opposed to the other cops who have partners and use patrol cars, delucus prefers to cruise around in modified police 25 speed mountain bike capable of speeds at over 100 mph. it also has a mounted .50 caliber machine gun. delucus patrols alone.
*hapless 7th grade student* "oh god, its delucus...don't move or make a sound and we'll all be alright."

*delucus* (scowling maniacally) "is this your gum wrapper you little bitch? PICK IT UP NOW!! (pulls weapon and precedes to fire) good thing people like me are around to protect the weak and innocent."
by ichs May 04, 2007
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