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Derived from the words deity and morphosis.

1. noun - One who plays God.
2. noun - One who transforms, or is transformed, from a human (or humanoid form) into a deity, either through supernatural means, as in the case of Jesus, or by means of historical revisionism or popular belief; one who is deified.
3. noun - One who is likened to a god, or referred to metaphorically as a god.
4. verb - To transform into, or take on characteristics of a deity; to undergo the process of deimorphosis. Also deimorphose.
1. According to the beliefs of many of its opponents, those who engage in stem cell research are deimorphs.

2. Contrary to his own teachings, Shakyamuni (Buddha) was worshipped as a deimorph by many of his followers.

3. In a recently popular series of jokes, Chuck Norris is a deimorph.

4. In Akira, Tetsuo deimorphed into the form of Akira.
by neur0mancer June 04, 2009
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