The game defence of the ancients is a pro map on the game Warcraft III the frozen throne. The most popular version is Dota Allstars.
Dota Allstars biggest pro is Hajsan, he pwans so much that he allways gets beyond god like after 3minuts max, but yea, don't blame him, he was born that way, pwaning evryone. Hajsan's best m8 is the legendary waazzaa, who pwans too.
Just a normal defence of the ancients match. The game just started and Hajsan choosed random (ofc) and got geomancer. He runs top and attacking 3 heroes standing at the tower.

Hajsan pwned ***** head for *** gold!
Hajsan drew first blood!
Hajsan pwned *** head for *** gold!
Double kill!
Hajsan pwned ******* for *** gold!
Tripple kill!
Hajsan got killing spree!

(and that's after 30 sec (before the creeps came, and notice, no asists!)
by Hajsan's biggest fan August 24, 2009
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