Deerfield Cay, also colloquially known as Deerfield Beach Island, or DBI is an island along the east coast of Florida from Boca Raton (Palm Beach County) through part of Deerfield Beach and Hillsboro Beach (Broward County) Florida. It is a barrier island just east of the Hillsboro Bridge in Deerfield Beach and runs from Boca Raton Inlet (at the north end) to Hillsboro inlet (at the south end). Deerfield Cay comprises 3 municipalities, 2 counties, has 4 draw bridges, many parks and a Blue Wave Award winning public beach along with numerous restaurants, shops and night life bars including Rattlesnake Jakes, Barracuda Bar, Kahuna's, JB's on the Beach and Oceans 234. Deerfield Cay is also known for it's beachside festivals such as Pioneer Days, Surfer's for Autism Festival, Independence Day Festival and various art and music festivals. Recording artist Buddy Sparrow produced the Album "Deerfield Cay" for benefit of Surfers For Autism, a non-profit group helping children with Autism overcome symptoms by teaching them to surf.
Deerfield Cay is the home of Florida recording artist Buddy Sparrow.
by Beachcomber1 August 4, 2016
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