THE most useless thing known to man. have you even heard of a decorative gourd? bet you haven't. bet you have seen one. but why do they exist.
person 1: *shows friend picture of a decorative gourd* decorative gourd.
person 2: thats what those are? ive seen those before. what are they used fo-... oh... bruh.
by Xbox name is LarryTheM0bster September 23, 2020
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.1) Usually a decorative gourd is a useless items that get kicked around without reason.

.2) Someone who is so painfully, overly useless, that you don't have any other words to describe them. They are beyond lazy, and only groan in disagreement when you tell them to make themselves useful in any way, usually not doing anything afterwards.
Example 1
Person A: How long ago did you ask for that decoration they owe you?
Person B: At least a month...
Person A: God they are such a decorative gourd

Example 2
(The scene of a murder, questioning a witness)
Person A: Where did you last see the victim?
Person B: Uhhhh I dunno-
Person A, as they walk away: What a decorative gourd
by Chaotic_Wyvern January 5, 2023
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