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Mostly white people have this name but some asians do too, she always look mad but deep inside she is really nice,she is pretty and smart,alot of boys like her,shes not a hoe nor a whore,she’s always a 10 no matter what.Her makeup is really good and if she likes a guy she smiles and states at him 24/7.She is caring,she’s a great gf,but she cant really hangout everyday but kost likely she’ll try to,just to make u happy,Sometimes she’s shy but when u get to know her she’s crazy..cuddles and kisses are her favorite thing to do, while fruits are her favorite snacks.If you know someone named Deborrah,keep her dont let her get away from you,love her
1.She’s so cute

Boy 1:Who’s that?
Boy 2:😍
Deborrah is a loving and beautiful person
by Muniiba January 14, 2018
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