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Death-hop is a blend of hip-hop, rock, hardcore punk and metal. It's a musical style which is too crude to be called metal, but too polished to be called punk. Death-hop is not to be confused with Nu-Metal, popularised briefly in the mid-late 90s.

Death-hop embraces the sound of metal bands with a non-traditional line-up more commonly seen at hip-hop shows. It is often played by two piece bands blending beats, live drums, visuals and backing loops.

Death-hop is a relatively new genre that is often confusing and alienating for fans of both metal and hip-hop. It is more generally accepted by music fans who are not easily categorised, but have a more eclectic taste in music and are willing to accept experimentation by artists. They would rather see musicians "break the mould" than "make the old."
I'm goin' to the pub tonight to watch Over-reactor play some death-hop. It's gonna be tops mate.
by winstonpilgrim January 12, 2011
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