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husky = FAT!! in the 1950's and 60s!!. -back in the 'old days' we had "political correctness" too!! in the clothes shops, the plus sizes (at least for males, anyway) were known as 'HUSKY'

along with other stupid PC terms of the time like 'colored people' (what color?) HUSKY lived to enable one to disguise, manipulate, and 'sweeten'; "the truth"!

nowadays, we have 'RELAXED FIT'!!

i'd like to have been a fly on the marketeer wall when (and where?-late 60s??) husky died!!
somebody shot husky and created relaxed fit! -what of the death of husky?

i can't help but think of the death of husky when i see 'relaxed fit'

relaxed fit is the father of poor, dead, husky!!
by michael foolsley March 23, 2011
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