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A man who calls himself a husband yet does not fulfill his obligations as one. Neglects his home, his duties as a provider, will not help with maintaining of finances and leaves the responsibilities of the future on his wife to shoulder alone. This man also has a habit of crediting himself for all of his wife's hardwork. He also has a habit of mentally abusing his wife and acting as the superior or authority in the household.
My husband decides when and where to communicate about our family needs. He decides when a conversation is over or he isn't the one winning. He is immature and often calls me horrible names in front of our child. He puts me down in front of his family and friends and blames me for his behavior. Then when all is said and done acts like nothing ever happened painting himself as a saint in front of everyone, and threatens to make my life miserable if I do not make him a happy man.
by Hardworking wife & mom April 30, 2004
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A man who is married yet forgets he’s married whenever he is at work. He never calls his wife to let her know if he’s going to be late, leaving her to wonder when she may be “lucky” enough to have him home. His children stop asking when he will be home because they are so used to him being late. Then when his wife gets upset by it he sends his wife stupid photos of the cat because he’s emotionally retarded.
Wife - “Dinner is ready”
Deadbeat Husband -“Oh about that...”
“Here’s a cat photo, see you in an hour”
by Ben in the den July 02, 2018
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